Alwin & Hofer, 2011. Health and Cognition in Aging Research


This supplemental issue of The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences is based on papers presented at a conference on “Cognition, Health, and Aging: Integrating Perspectives across Disciplines” held at Pennsylvania State University, October 30– 31, 2009. This conference focused on discussing new research findings and methodological approaches regarding the interplay of the dynamics of biological factors in cognitive and related outcomes and associated physiological changes that are linked to cognitive aging, including sensory and disease-related changes. We attracted an outstanding group of researchers doing work in these areas, across several disciplines—biology, epidemiology, demography, developmental psychology, gerontology, neuropsychology, and sociology—to consider how best to measure these processes and model relevant data in ways that sort out aggregate population trends and individual-level age-related changes in health and cognitive functioning.

In the following, we summarize the key contributions of the papers presented at the conference, many of which are published in the present supplementary issue.